Plug Planting

Welcome to germination part two! Here, I’ve got an update to what’s been happening with our seeds! Since the seeds in the petri dishes germinated so well, they have been moved in to plugs. Now, I’ve said “moved into plugs” as if it was a simple scoop and dump of seeds into soil. Wrong!

In our first session, we plantedĀ exactly 800 seeds into individual pots in a tray. These are called plugs. I stressed that there were exactly 800 because of two facts that line up perfectly:

  1. We planted every single seed that we found that had germinated, so if 801 had germinated, we would have planted 801 plugs
  2. plugs come in trays of 200

So hopefully you can now see why that was so great. No need to start that last pesky tray!

Obviously this was a huge job, and while I certainly planted a lot of the seeds (being on my feet for 5 hours was actually a bit of a relief – I much prefer it to sitting), I also had some help! Kathryn planted about 200 of the seeds in the morning, which was a big help.

We plant again in two days. Will we have more or fewer seeds to plant on that day? Stay tuned in!

A planted tray



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