Project status update: Ridley’s next generation rescue

geneticRescueSlide Caroline Ridley established this experiment to compare fitness (recruitment and survival) of seeds originating from individuals with parents from three different backgrounds: 1. both from a large remnant population, 2. both from a small remnant population (not rescued), and 3. one from a large population and one from a small population (genetically rescued). Caroline sowed achenes in an experimental plot at Hegg Lake WMA and marked seedlings with colored toothpicks in May 2009.

We annually assess survival and fitness of these plants. In 2015 we relocated and measured 42 individuals of the 381 seedlings originally found. These plants had 1-3 leaves; the longest leaf was 21 cm. The dense non-native brome grass dominating this plot may be shading out these small plants. It should be interesting to see which individuals are hanging on!

Read more about this experiment.

Start year: 2008

Site: exPt 4 at Hegg Lake WMA

Overlaps with: crossing experiments qGen1, qGen2, qGen3 & recruitment experiment; INB1


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