Projects and Measuring

Today everyone went to work right away on their projects. Ashley headed back out to Nice Island to do more pollination and she hopes to report more results soon! Wes headed out to Hegg Lake to continue his vegetation analysis- check out his project in the previous post. Lea and Tracie went around to some of the sites for Lea’s experiment and recorded data. ¬†Alex spent some time sorting, counting, and identifying the bees from his yellow pan traps. Will did some more work on R studio. And I spent some time learning more functions on R and becoming more familiar with the soil web application I am using for my project on Google Earth Pro.

Ashley and Tracie measuring in p1, Wes determining the number of leaves on a flowering Echinacea, and a basal Echinacea plant in p1.

After lunch, we all headed out to p1 to continue measuring. With everyone working hard, we completed the first page of measuring for the fitness experiment. Ashley and Tracie even found at ¬†2 “rogue” plants. These were marked as staples last year, but this year were very much growing Echinacea! By the time measuring wrapped up for the day, we were almost half done with the next page for the 96′ and 98′ plants!

Also, make sure to follow “We Rate Echinacea” on twitter! And send in your pics of Echinacea angustifolia to be rated!

Tomorrow the game plan is phenology in the morning, a visit from Amy D., and demo.

Stay tuned and until next time!


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