Quiet Days with ImageJ

It was a quiet and productive day the Lab save for a few interruptions from our fine arachnid colleagues, who are lately becoming rather bold. This afternoon Lea introduced me to ImageJ, a free and opensource image processing software developed by the NIH. To study how spacing effects reproductive success Lea took photographs of her stunt ranch plots 9 times between April 17 and June 16 2019. These photographs will be analyzed with ImageJ to identify flower species and location within each of the plot and eventually the processed data will be combined to create a large spatial data map. At least that’s the goal, right now we are more in a building expertise phase. Having made little headway this afternoon, I plan to continue tinkering with the software on my own and hopefully have a working analysis macro in a few weeks. Additionally, I continue to add entries to the biomass dataset which I hope will help provide a deeper insight into plants reproductive success.


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