Ruth visits, the drone flies!

Hello flog!

My first day to post in 2017 was quite an exciting one. Ruth Shaw visited today, coming from the twin cities to help us with field work and explain some really cool results of research done in p1, the first common garden. As Ruth explained at lunch, there is still much to learn about evolution, particularly in learning how to predict future evolutionary potential in populations. Ruth and Stuart have been working for many years to understand how we might be able to do just this by studying “additive genetic variance” in the Echinacea planted in p1 and p8! Cool results are sure to come, so stay tuned for updates in the future.

Another fun aspect of today involved getting the drone up and flying! This summer, I’ll be using the drone to try and quantify abundance of flowers in roadsides around Solem Township. Today I updated the firmware and tried a few trial flights over p1.

This is what p1 looks like from above today!

Flagging in p1!

After work, I drove to Alexandria to pick up our first CSA box from Sundog Farms! Until next flog…



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