Angustifolia Chicken Wing Goats

Ok….so…uhhhh… the title isn’t completely accurate. But everything thereĀ did occur today at some point.

We started off another beautiful day by finding and destroying all Hawkweed in Plot 1. Once all nasty yellow flowers and their basal offspring were dealt with, we all turned our attention to removing all flowering sinful plants (Bird’s Foot Trefoil) from the roadside and ditch surrounding Plot 1. This effort took most of the morning, with the remaining couple hours spent looking for toothpicks in a Brome field, with small Echinacea attached.

After returning to Hjelm House after measuring, we all had a relaxing lunch and then listened to Amy Dekstra give a talk on her research using Echinacea to look at population size and inbreeding and outbreeding depression. Super fascinating stuff!

In the afternoon we measured more Echinacea plants and found several new Echinacea plants that hadn’t been logged previously. Woot (Note the pure ecstasy on Will’s face)!

We were all treated to a personal snack-time with the goats that have returned to the farm to enjoy chomping on Buckthorn. The Andes crew headed to Alexandria to enjoy a dinner of chicken wings and good company.

Looking forward to more sunny days and blooming Echinacea!



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