Seedling search 2008, phase I completed


This photo by Christine shows fours seedlings near Echinacea plant 2044 at StApp on 17 June 2008. The seedlings are mapped & uniquely identified on pages 56 & 56 of “Seedling search 2008.” The ruler is marked with 16th of inches on the top and millimeters on the bottom.

Today we finished searching for seedlings for the season. We searched near about 200 plants that flowered last year in 15 sites. We found about 239 seedlings. We made maps so that we can refind all the seedlings in August–at least those that survive. In August we will make sure we can find the seedlings again next year so we will be able to follow this cohort for several years to determine their survival, growth, and eventual reproduction.

Searching for seedling is fun, but we are ready to move on to other exciting developments!


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