A lesson in punctual flowering

As is probably apparent in this recent explosion of posting, we’ve now got the Internet on the inside of the condos. Neither rain nor mosquitoes nor legions of caterpillars can keep us from our e-mail.

To demonstrate our unsurpassed powers of data transfer, I present to you…. a picture that is truly huge.

This is the most developed Echinacea head in the common garden* which is remarkable because this time of year is usually the peak of flowering, or so they say. In any case, I’ll be taking pictures of it and some of its developmentally challenged comrades every day or so. The result ought to be a number of sequences that chronicle this awkward phase in their lives, followed by their blossoming and wild reproductive successes (or lack thereof). Yes, much like the reality TV stars that they are, these plants will have no secrets!

* except maybe for the 99 garden, where I did not dare venture


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