Smoke and flowering 2019

In 2019 100 plants were selected for a flowering induction experiment using liquid smoke at site ALF. They were shot with GPS Darwin. Many of these plants lie beyond boundary fence and are not included in demo/surv. However, records containing a “loc” (numbered 1-100) and the number of heads per plant were taken on visors with the demo form and added to the 2019 demo data. The shot points were not added to surv. The experiment was not executed in 2019.

The demo records were added to aiisummer2019 in file ~aiisummer2019\demo\20190726demo.txt.

Job SMOKE_PLANTS_20190726_DARW contains 100 points shot of plants for the experiment. The job is backed up in three locations:

~Dropbox\geospatialDataBackup2019\convertedASVandCSV2019\ SMOKE_PLANTS_20190726_DARW.asv

~Dropbox\geospatialDataBackup2019\convertedXML2019\ SMOKE_PLANTS_20190726_DARW.xml

~Dropbox\geospatialDataBackup2019\temporaryDarwBackups2019\ SMOKE_PLANTS_20190726_DARW.mjf


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