spp coordinates

I generated a list of 40 random UTM coordinates for SPP and posted them here: sppRandCoords.csv.

Here’s the R code I used to generate random coordinates…

df <-  data.frame(order= 1:40,
                  E= round(runif(40,  286100,  286900),2),
                  N= round(runif(40, 5077080, 5077500),2))
write.csv(df, file= "sppRandCoords.csv", row.names= FALSE) 

I gleaned the rough SPP corner coordinates from Google Earth--UTM 15T:

NE 286900 E 5077500 N

SE 286900 E 5077080 N

NW 286100 E 5077500 N

SW 286100 E 5077080 N

Here's a snippet of R code to make a plot of the points and to make a file with latitudes & longitudes..

df <- read.csv(
plot(df$E, df$N, asp = 1, type = "n")
text(df$E, df$N, labels= df$order)
names(df) <- c("EID", "X", "Y") 
df <- as.EventData(df)
attr(df, "projection") <- "UTM" 
attr(df, "zone") <- 15
fred <- convUL(df, km=FALSE)
write.csv(fred, file= "sppRandLL.csv", row.names= FALSE)

Here's a link to those 40 random points in a lat long projection sppRandLL.csv.


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