Sumacs and pie!

Hi flog!

It’s been busy out here over the last week!

Stuart and I took a wander out though the corn to do demo at Krusmarks. It was a very erry walk through the corn.

Later in the week Amy came up from the cities to work on her addition to p1. Amy is planning on planting the seeds created during her inter-remnant crosses this year. She is adding to p1 in the south east corner, now this portion of the plot is being encroached by sumac. Now little baby Echinacea and sumac do not mix therefore, we are trying to decrease the amount of sumac in the area. In order to do this first we cut all of the tall grass to expose the sumac. Then we applied herbicide to the sumac in order to apply the herbicide in a systematic way we set up “swimming lanes.” We will see how effective our efforts are in the spring, but I sure think that it worked well.

Amy and Stuart cutting the grass of the tallgrass prairie
Anyone feel like going for a dip?

This week Stuart is back in IL, I have been continuing to work on harvest and wrapping up demo and p1 rechecks.

Last night I made apple pie from apples at the farm! I had never done a basket weave crust before, but it was fun to figure out as I go!

Not so bad considering the Andes oven runs high…

Until next time,



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