Poster Award at BSA

Davis Blasini was awarded the best undergraduate student poster in 2014 by the Ecology Section of the Botanical Society of America: “Introduction of Echinacea pallida in the Prairies of Western Minnesota and its Possible Effects on Native Echinacea angustifolia” Co-author: Stuart Wagenius.

Congratulations, Davis!

Echinacea Project featured on TV show

Check out this episode of Prairie Yard & Garden. Stuart was interviewed this summer for this half-hour long public TV show about the Echinacea Project. The episode is called “Prairie Flora: History and Future” and it aired yesterday in western MN and the Dakotas.

Please help spread the word about prairies! Here’s the link:

The whole interview and much of the footage is from the main common garden experimental plot.

Amy Dykstra graduates

15 January 2013 Amy Dykstra defended her doctoral dissertation, entitled: Seedling recruitment in fragmented populations of Echinacea angustifolia and passed with flying colors!  Members of the committee referred to her research as extremely impressive and highly valuable to restoration biologists, among others. At the end of January, Amy will return to Bethel University, where she has been teaching since August 2011.