Demography at Staffanson

This afternoon the whole team ventured out to Staffanson prairie and collected demographic information on Echinacea plants. In addition to the 140 plants already flagged for phenology, we staked and collected data on roughly 200 additional plants!

While we put a substantial dent in the demography we need to do at Staffanson this afternoon, we still have a ways to go. Between 2010 and 2014 Team Echinacea mapped 1074 points, including 649 unique tag numbers. We will revisit all of these plants this summer in order to continue building a longitudinal demographic database.

I attached a graph to illustrate the temporal distribution of Echinacea tags at Staffanson. Note that all tags in the 19000s were placed in 2014, tags in the 18000s were placed in 2013, and tags in the 17000s were placed in 2012, etc. We have 410 unique tag numbers placed between 1996 and 2009 on our list of plants to stake!


Flowering at Staffanson!

This morning, I went out to Staffanson to collect flowering phenology data and saw my first flowering Echinacea of the summer! Some had started flowering yesterday but a few started today. Awesome! 😀
Sarah B

Soon to be flowering!

Today I went with Gretel to Staffanson to look for flowering plants. We walked along the east and west transects and found quite a few plants that should flower next week or the week after that! I still don’t know exactly where the transect lies in the large remnant that is Staffanson, but I’m sure I’ll learn! 🙂
I flagged quite a few plants that are due to flower soon.
Also, while searching the common garden for E. angustifolia plants, I found an interesting one at row 22, position 956.007.JPG
Apparently, this plant is famous for showing up every year looking like this. Could this be a mutated plant?

Sarah B