Taking Photos of Insects Using a Microscope

My name is Jill Meyer and I am a student intern working on the Echinacea Project. We were sitting and cleaning heads in the lab when I had found an exoskeleton of a molted grasshopper. It was a new and exciting discovery for me, as I did not previously know that grasshoppers molt. I have always been semi-fascinated with bugs, so I placed the grasshopper’s exoskeleton in the drawer to save. Since then, my collection has grown and I have added an Assassin Bug, a spider egg sac, a lacewing fly and a pentatomid. These can be found below. Unfortunately, the insects have fallen apart in the envelope I have kept them in and their limbs are captured laying next to their bodies. I have also written a lab procedure on how to take these images using a microscope, which I have also included below.
Thumbnail image for Capture_00002.JPG
Spider Egg Sac
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Assassin Bug
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Capture_00005.JPG
Lacewing Fly
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Capture_00006.JPG
Grasshopper Exoskeleton
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Taking Images of Insects Using a Microscope Procedure.doc


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