The Adventure Begins!

Hey hey hey! My name is Anna and I was a summer intern on the Echinacea Project in high school. Now, as a college freshman, I am currently exploring another side of the project at the Chicago Botanic Garden lab! For my two weeks in Chicago, I will be working on the soil component of Kristen Manion’s project. Her study considers numerous elements of native bees’ habitat in hopes to determine their nesting preferences.

Over the summer, soil samples from 8 sites were collected and each site had three different land uses: old field, native prairie, or restoration. In total there are 328 samples to be analyzed through the micropipette soil texture method! The micropipette method involves separating the soil into its clay and sand components and then calculating the percentage of sand, silt, and clay for each 2-gram sample. By the end, I am aiming to create two soil triangles and answer these questions :

  1. Does the soil type differ between bee presence/absence?
  2. Does the soil type differ between land use types (remnant and prairies and old fields)?


My other goal is to simply gain experience in a lab by being exposed to a variety of techniques through Kristen’s and the Echinacea Project’s methods. However, I also have a couple of personal goals… like eating deep dish pizza, taking my picture in front of the bean, figuring out public transportation, and did I mention deep dish pizza?!

My adventure here in Chicago is just beginning and I can’t wait! 



3 comments to The Adventure Begins!

  • Suzanne Vold

    Love it ( and not just cuz I’m your mom.) Learn new things, get new ideas and have fun!

  • Dorothy Vold

    Very interesting Anna. Sounds like you are very excited about your project thanks Val said she had talked to you the other day sounded like you had a busy weekend. That is great. Missed Katy’s Dance Recitall on Sunday because we had to serve at Sons if Norway and couldn’t get there. Thanks for the info. Have a good week. Take care. Love you, Grandma & Grandpa Vold.

  • Kay Manthe

    Wow, Anna.
    I’m proud of you.

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