The Final Riley Flog

Today was my last day in Solem Township with Team Echinacea. Three of us (Andy, Michael, and I) went out to Hegg Lake and did demography in the morning while the rest stayed back and worked around Hjelm. Demography at Hegg lake is a mess. The mini-sites are very far from one another and the walks to get to these sites is through swamp-like substrate and tall grass and reeds. There was also loads of showy tick trefoil (the stuff that sticks to clothes) and it got all over me, resulting in a half-hour of me picking those off.

Showy tick trefoil is something to look out for when plodding through prairie!

During lunch, I presented the preliminary results of my pt7 hybrids project and Stuart made some super yummy apple crisp! Michael and I went back out to do more demography at Hegg Lake (no stickies this time), and the rest of the team collected seed from pt1. We finished my last day with a discussion on the workings of aster analyses. This really got me excited to work on my project’s analysis!

Me and the first flowering plant at experimental plot 7! I will miss this place!

See you soon, Team Echinacea! Thanks for the glorious memories! I will never forget this experience and all of the great people I have met. It’s truly inspiring to be in the presence of such amazing scientists and people!

You’ll be missed, Team Echinacea!


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