Check, Check, Check

Hello Flog!!

Wow today was very productive, as always.  The morning was filled with the completion of many small projects.  Michael and I finished demo at 6 different sites!  Riley finished rechecks at P1, P6, and P9 (wow!).  Andy and Kristen got all of their yellow pan traps put out as well!  Many completion checks were made to the long list of “Echinacea Project: Things to do.”

Michael staking a point

Me observing a flowering plant

At lunch, I gave a presentation about my project update.  We had cake and ice cream afterwards as a farewell to me, as today was my last day 🙁

Stuart’s famous chocolate cake

In the afternoon, Kristen, Andy, and Lea moved bee tents and collected yellow pan traps.  Riley completed the final part of his project, which was measuring the thickness of the echinacea leaves.  Stuart and Michael completed some behind the scenes work.

Signing off for good, so long flog!





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