The Great Radin Mid-Western Adventure

Since I have been scheduled to flog today, you’ll be getting one last flog from me!

I left Andes at around 5:30am to get to MSP to pick up my dad (JR?) for the road trip back to Albany. After getting a little lost looking for what I’m pretty sure is an imaginary cell phone lot, I successfully retrieved one father and we got underway.

We made sure to stop at Culver’s for lunch, so my dad can experience what is truly the best of the Midwest on this whirlwind tour. The verdict? Fried cheese curds are amazing.

After that was driving, some more driving, traffic, driving, road work, and then – you guessed it – more driving!

I have now driven 791 out of the 1,371 miles to get back home in about 12 hours, covering 4 1/3 states. Yikes!

Luckily we have some good podcasts and music for the long drive.

Happy field season everyone, I’ll miss you!


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