The most over-the-top proposal since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Hello again, field log readers–

I know it’s been a trying twenty hours of waiting, but I now have more details regarding my independent project!


Just by clicking on my proposal (above) you will get an idea of the specific questions I’d like to answer, how I plan to go about answering those questions and how my study fits into this summer’s bigger picture work on competition for pollination. Take it from me, it’s a riveting read!

I would greatly appreciate any questions or comments about this proposal– whether you are part of the Project or just an Echinacea enthusiast in K-town for Runestone Days, feel free to write in the comments. Thanks!


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  • Amanda, You’ve laid out four good questions and the means to answer them. Honing in on a pollinator collection scheme that is efficient, yields enough pollinators, and samples sufficiently from the floral neighborhood of interest will prove a challenge, but the gang and I will discuss pros and cons of various plans with you. Tomorrow you and Greg should look at our scopes and supplies to make sure we have the stuff you need to id & quantify pollen. You’ve done a good job focusing in on the questions you are interested in. This should be a great project!

  • Julie

    Riveting indeed! Selecting one plant to observe for an hour, Wow! Lots of thinking time out there 😉

    (Sorry .. hope this is in the right place now !!) x

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