Thursday: Guests and Projects

Today we had visitors from University of Minnesota Morris! They heard some of our ABT’s and went on a field trip to see Team Echinacea’s experimental plots. They also befriended the goats and fed them apple cores. We had a lot of fun meeting them!

Remember to drink lots of water~

In the morning, we continued demo and surv. New plants keep appearing in the remnants! Where are they coming from??

In the afternoon we had project time, where we worked on our proposals. Everyone is looking forward to starting their projects soon.

Lindsey hard at work on her proposal.

Since we weren’t very active in the afternoon, Geena had a lot of pent up energy once we got home. We had take her outside to play so she would stop jumping in place while we were cooking.

Geena and Joey playing frisbee.

Looking forward to phenology tomorrow!


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