Tis’ the season for “project updates”

For many, the end of the year brings thoughts of final exams, final reports, and final projects. Here at the Echinacea Project, we don’t believe in final anything, but we do believe in updates! Last week, two of our Lake Forest College interns, Sophia and Olivia, shared project updates with the lab: a culmination of their semester in the lab.

Olivia shared results from her study on plant and reproductive health indicators (more here)

Olivia and Sophia present research updates at lab meeting!

Sophia shared a poster with the lab and also with attendees of a Lake Forest College research symposium! Sophia’s research focuses on the effects of pollen limitation on life history fitness in Echinacea. (More info to come!)

Sophia Presents a poster at Lake Forest College’s Glassman Symposium.

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