Wednesday August 29th

This morning, Team Echinacea headed out to Loeffler’s Corner to work on seedling re-finds. This site was a breeze compared with the challenges posed by Riley and KJ’s. While the plants at Riley are frequently disturbed by mowing and the plants at KJ’s are so dense that they’re practically growing on top of each other, the plants at Loeffler’s Corner are nicely spread out with easily findable seedlings.

In the afternoon, everyone made good progress on individual projects. Jill and I are both trying to wrap up our research in time for our last day on Friday. Jill and Katherine are sorting through the contents of Jill’s pitfall traps and preserving the ants that they won’t have time to identify for future study. Stuart and I are working to prepare my data to be analyzed in the winter when I hope to have an independent study to work on analysis. Maria is looking for Dicanthelium plants from which she can gather pollen in order to do a pollen viability test.

Here’s a picture of a neat plant that I found at Loeffler’s Corner. I think the leaves are somehow sharing the same petiole. Pretty cool!



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