Week 2

Team Echinacea had a busy week last week.

We finished seedling searches in the remnants.

We found ~22 spittle bugs masses in the CG.

We talked a lot about plans for many projects and started organizing and practicing.

We ordered supplies.

On Thursday afternoon we pulled and cut thistles in the CG.

We started and finished the “recruitment experiment.” This experiment started off as the “recruitment experiment.” I hand broadcast seeds in fall ’00, ’01, and ’02 in plots with different burn treatments. Now we are assessing plant survival. (We need a better name for this experiment.) Last year there were over 820 plants alive. After a quick scan of the datasheets, I think 9 plants will flower this year. Wow, much less than 1%! These plants are taking a long time to flower. After entering data, Amy will give a detailed summary of our findings this year. Notes for next year: improve datasheets for entering fl pla info, avoid searching at empty spots, & map plants using tripod system.

On Friday the first plant in the CG started to flower — one floret started male phase. We saw the pollen. No plants started on Saturday and on Sunday 3 plants started to flower.


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