What Can Zeke Reach?

Warning: this post may contain traces of hyperbole and an overdose of alliteration.

To the untrained eye, activity at the Roost today may have seemed mundane, nothing out of the ordinary. But in reality, it was extremely eventful. We decided that laundry had languished in hampers for far too long so we launched into laundering. Meanwhile, in the living room, Mia knitted wildly, Andy ferociously consumed his book, Michael and Riley demolished their opponents in their respective video games.  A select few (Zeke and Evan) participated in activities more conventionally accepted as exciting and productive: work. At P2, they spotted 18 bees while Kristen laid pan traps.

Later, Mia labored arduously over a pot, concocting a delectable dinner. The meal of spicy sauce on spaghetti squash with a side of salad was devoured by a ravenous Roost.

After dinner, Riley and Andy dueled via a game of tennis and three brave Roost-ers ventured into the dangerous outdoors to gather some groceries.

Upon return, we engaged in a rousing game called ‘What can Zeke reach?’. This game was a thrilling exploration of Zeke’s potential as the resident tall person.

Can Zeke reach the ceiling?

Zeke touches the ceiling

Can Zeke reach the tallest kitchen cabinet?

Zeke reaches the tallest kitchen cabinet

Can Zeke reach the carbon monoxide detector?

Zeke reaches the carbon monoxide detector

Can Zeke reach the fridge and counter?

Zeke can reach from the fridge to the counter

Can Zeke reach across the table?

Zeke can reach the soy sauce

Sad Zeke can’t reach the soy sauce

However… being short has it’s advantages…

Zeke can’t fit very well

Zeke can’t fit very well

I can fit

People told me that communal living teaches you to live life with peace and balance and helps you achieve self actualization. Little did I know how accurate this would be. Alone, I would be unable to reach many things. But together with Zeke and all the Roost-ers, we can reach anything: ceilings, cabinets, and even our goals.


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