The Echinacea Show?

Hi flog,

Friday night we watched “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey. Since then the roost has been fighting the feeling that our existence is all part of a reality TV show….

Kristen bought an HDMI cord, so that the roost could watch movies such as, “The Truman Show”

Mia saw this beautiful bumblebee visiting a rose this morning. Cameras are everywhere.

This morning me, Mia and Evan went out to Hegg Lake and observed bee visits as part of our study on pollinator efficiency, nicknamed “Pollen in the Bank,” (we call it pollen in the bank, since the bees make “withdrawals” and “deposits” from the pollen on the flower). This morning we observed five small black bees and removed anthers and styles before and after each visit. But where were the cameras? Were the bees actors?

Mia pulled styles from her hand crosses, which aim to see how many grains of pollen are needed to fertilize a single Echinacea floret. One of the styles from Mia’s hand-crosses was shriveled, which probably means that this style was fertilized. Or pretended to be?

While we were waiting for bees we found the cover to Andy’s visor (handheld electronic data recorder). An exciting plot twist?

Back at the roost, we ate corn instead of eggs. Andy, and Mia had friends visit from out of town. We visited Will’s puppy, Shadow. A friendly puppy going through teething? Or a trained actor meant to manipulate us for entertainment.

Andy and Anne made two toll-house pies (giant chocolate chip cookies; and product placement?)



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