What we need in a data collection system:

Our current data collection system software is pendragon forms run on Handspring Visors. This system works well, we love the visors, they are cheap and do the job. However, the Visors are 2000’s technology and the system is starting to become somewhat precarious. So we are starting to consider alternative systems. Gretel looked into potential new systems in 2016 with minimal luck.

We are hoping in the past six or so years that technology has devolved that will allow us to potentially replace the visors!

What we need in a Data Collection System:

  • allow for pre-loading data (list of positions to be measured)
  • allow for fast and efficient data entry (including ability to switch between records using a back or next button)
  • allow for parent-child form relationship (plant — heads)
  • auto-repeat of child form
  • safeguard against data loss
  • allow viewing of form/data entry in record view vs. field view
  • include dropdown, multi-selection boxes
  • ability to hold more than 250 records without slowing down
  • physical hardware is backlight making it easy to read in the field

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