Where are the flowers?

We started off our sunny day in the field by breaking off into two groups: the demo team (starring Michael and Erin) and the planting team (comprising Jay, Shea, Riley, Drake, and myself). Today, we were peppering P1 with Asclepias viridiflora that were grown from seed at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Here’s Shea and Jay returning after putting our last few seedlings in the ground:

After lunch, Jay and I went back into the plot to check on the plants for the Pollen Limitation Experiment. We were hoping to count how many had developed flowering stalks… but strangely enough, none of the plants in the Pollen Limitation Experiment were flowering! No florets left to limit pollen access to, but even no data is still data. And while we were checking the plants in P1, Jay and I had lots of opportunities to make some field friends! From damselflies and monarchs to spittlebugs and cocoons, we had plenty of company as we counted our Echinacea.


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