Wooster Waluigi Whodunnit??

Breaking news from Team Echinacea East, back here in Wooster, Ohio!

Upon returning to the lab this morning, the team was ready to begin work again after our trip to Minnesota. However, we were not prepared for the tragic scene that greeted us when we arrived. The Great Waluigi Wall of Williams Hall, constructed earlier this summer (a remembrance to our lab mate Mia while she was away in Arizona back in June), had vanished without a trace!

The scene of the crime!!
The original Great Waluigi Wall, in all its glory

After taking a moment to grieve and process this traumatic event, the team regrouped to further assess the situation and get to the bottom of this heinous crime. We discovered that while The Great Waluigi Wall was gone, not all the Waluigis of the lab had disappeared. The five Waluigis spread throughout the lab appear to have been left unharmed, much to the team’s relief. But despite the team’s best and most valiant search efforts, the other Waluigis could not be located.

Some of the Waluigis spread throughout the lab, including this one on Martha Chase, have been spared.

As to the suspect of the crime, the team thought long and hard about who could possibly be motivated to such a terrible act. Here, we arrived at a heart-breaking conclusion. The only person who had been in the lab during our time in Minnesota and thus the only person with direct access to the Waluigis would have been Mia herself! However, while still lacking the evidence, this awful possibility cannot be confirmed for certain at present. Team members reached out to Mia for a comment on the situation but received no response. It even appears that our suspect has gone so far as to flee to Arizona, forcing the team members to consider this frightening possibility.

Ren investigates the lab for any traces of the missing Waluigis

In the meantime, if anyone has any information as to the location of the Waluigis, please contact Ren, Miyauna, or me at Team Echinacea East. A memorial service for The Great Waluigi Wall will be held on 26 July 2019 at 4:00PM (EST) in Ruth Williams Hall.  


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