Worrisome Weather

Hello Flog!

T’was another eventful Monday today! We all headed out to P2 first thing in the morning and completed about 20 more rows of measuring….We even managed to find 2 new plants that were originally listed as skips!  There was some worry about some bad weather coming while we were up on the hill, but it thankfully missed us (for now we stayed dry).

Moving measuring tapes

J Ison measuring a large plant

We all enjoyed some tasty lunch.  Afterwards, we discussed the plan for the week and came up with a game plan.

After that we split into task force groups to get some more work done on our individual projects.  I headed out to Staffenson to help Bridgid complete phenology on Liatrus….It took some learning but I eventually got the hang of it.  Then we helped Lea and Kristen move their tents and finished up just in time!  It started pouring just as we finished moving the last tent.  It was a good way to end another productive day at Team Echinacea.

Attempting to do phenology on Liatrus

Bad weather part 1

Bad weather part 2


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