2 new graphs–what to do?

2 graphs that are basically the same as the one with alfalfa on my poster, bu tusing sweet clover and amorpha instead. Although amorpha is the most common native species in floral neighborhoods per unique plant, there are only 43 plants that had either just amorpha, just echinacea, both , or neither. For sweet clover, the sample size is 82, but the graph isn’t very impressive either….

Do you think either one is usable? I originally wanted to use the most common native and the most common exotic (alfalfa and amorpha).
ecan amca meof comparison graphs.xls


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  • Caroline Ridley

    I like the story that you can tell with a native vs non-native co-flowering species. One might assume from alfalfa and sweet clover graphs that the decrease in pollinator visitation is because of their non-nativity (I think I just made that word up), but, surprise!, native plants can affect/compete for pollinators, too. The poster is really coming along!

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