2021 Update: Andropogon fire and flowering in remnants

During late summer 2021, we began collecting data in remnant patches of prairie to quantify fire effects on the reproduction of Big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii). We visited 376 random points established during the summer across 27 remnant patches and counted the number of flowering Andropogon culms rooted within 1 m of the random point. Across the 376 plots, we counted 1450 culms. The highest density we observed was 163 culms in one plot at KJs. We also collected seed heads from all culms within 1 m of the random points to x-ray and quantify seed set.

  • Start year: 2021
  • Location: Patches of remnant prairie in and around Solem Township, MN
  • Overlaps with: Random points in remnants
  • Data collected: ~Dropbox/burnRems/remAndro/fieldData2021/remAndro2021DataVerified.csv
  • Samples or specimens collected: Seed heads collected during summer 2021 have been dried and currently reside in Jared’s office. These samples will be cleaned, processed, and x-rayed to quantify seed set.
  • Products: Stay tuned!

You can read more about the Andropogon fire and flowering in remnants experiment, as well as links to prior flog entries about this experiment, on the background page for this experiment.


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