31 July 2013

Another Wednesday dawned bright, but wet, for Team Echinacea. Mike and Reina left early this morning to go to St. Peter before eventually heading to ESA. Sarah visited several remnants to monitor phenology. Sara Z also worked on her independent project in the morning, identifying ants. Kory and Marie went to Hegg Lake: Marie to assess the phenology of Dayvis’s plants, and Kory to watch pollinators. Both Lydia and Ilse helped with the crossing experiment in the common garden.

After lunch, Nicholas and Marie measured the two-year old hybrids in Josh’s garden. All other team members continued to work on crossing.

Above: A thriving hybrid at Hegg Lake. I decided to check up on my plot while doing phenology for Dayvis.

There are a lot of left-overs from Pam’s party to supplement tonight’s dinner. Lydia is getting creative by mixing bratwurst into black bean soup (expertly pureed to perfection by her Cuisinart). Cheesy Bisquick biscuits will accompany the soup. Yum!


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