A Monumental Last Day

Today was a momentous day, it was the last day for the remaining members of Team CoW Bee. It started out with the rain we celebrated by getting juice from the local juicer in Alex. Then Michael, Andy, and I when out to P2 to do phenology and harvesting. It was nice to be able to see P2 one last time even though it was quite cloudy. While this was occurring teams were sent out to collect soil samples, collect tents, and demo. After all of the teams returned for lunch we played an amazing game of werewolf. Morgan who has never played the game before not surprisingly won as the werewolf. Towards the end of the game, the thunder began to rumble so we quickly moved the goats, this was a short yet efficient task. Just as it began to rain we closed the fence, then we ate cake and ice cream. We then had an interesting discussion about finding jobs and the application process. The rain did not let up so we called it a day. After work we did a lot of packing and cleaning at The Roost, we went out for the last supper to celebrate this monumentous day.

Some fine juice on a wet morning.

Evan found a toad AND picked it up!(monumentous I tell you)

A monumental view from P2

Some momentous clouds

That monumental feeling when the goats accept your buckthorn(or when Stuart tells you that there are cake and ice cream!):

I would like to thank all members of team Echinacea for this amazing summer I have had, it would not have been as awe-some without all of you. This has been a great experience and I have learned so much! I still have a fair amount of work to do for my project so this is not goodbye flog, just see you later!




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