A picture is worth a thousand words, or one Flog post

So, there has been a serious lack of pictures lately (aside from those awesome Stipa scans), so I am posting a bunch of pictures taken a while ago, just so you can see what we are up to:
Amanda in her little corner of the farmhouse, doing voodoo with bees.
Greg and Kate locked away in the Basement of Oppression
Berry Picking, starting with Caroline’s Gollum face. We have picked at least 20 buckets of berries from these people. – Aphids, the enemy.
Insects in the Common Garden that I found while searching for plants
Mimi broadcasting Stipa grass

We spent most of yesterday collecting pollinators and measuring plants in the Common Garden. (It has never taken me 3 hours to go 30 metres before, but all the plants I measured seemed to be in the middle of a grass clump). I have also figured out a procedure for refinding plants in the transects, and it should not take very long to refind all of them. This is good, as I might be working by myself to do that.


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