Andy’s Inspiration

Andy came back to the Mando today and he inspired us to create this
DSCF0683.JPG complete with swans
What is it you may ask? It’s a revolutionary multi-functional piece of living room furniture. The full implications of this exciting new gadget are not yet realized. As a chair it has two or possibly three settings. It’s great for playing guitar. It can be used as a planter. It also has ample storage space in the tank and in the bowl if desired.

Although Colin and I worked for hours making the wooden platform and fastening it to the bottom of new creation, I will give credit where credit is due. The truth is that if it weren’t for Dr. Andrew Christoper McCall, our toilet wonder would not be in existence today. Thank you Andy and everything that you have done for us. It’s quite special. I hope you think so as well. From all of us at the Mando, farewell Andy. We hope all is well at your new abode in Hoffman. If not we’ll always have a spot on the floor with your name on it; literally (just kidding). If you want we can write your name on the toilet though








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  • Andy McCall

    I neither condone nor condemn this project; I know nothing about it and never will. I don’t think it is publishable, however.

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