Another day, another plant

Today we found plants, measured plants, counted plants, identified plants, pollinated plants, painted plants, examined plants, surveyed plants, and added aphids to plants. A usual day for Team Echinacea. I started out my morning at Lea’s roadside plots to get the weekly update on floral resources. Most of the plants I came across were non-natives, but there was one flowering monarda at one plot and some solidagos at another.

Flower fly and a Solidago canadensis.

Later in the morning we started total demo at Steven’s Approach. The percentage complete might indicate the steep learning curve most of us are discovering. I’m sure we will get faster with practice.

After lunch we headed out to p1 to measure the 99 garden. It didn’t take too long, and then we had more individual project time! Gretel helped me identify a few plants I was unsure of, and I got the maps for phenology ready for tomorrow. Alex worked on his pollinator identification, Wes and Anna worked on aphids, Ashley entered data from her time at Nice Island today, and Stuart and Will prepared for total demo. A good Tuesday.

Wes, Blue, Gretel, Anna, and Ashley working in the Hjelm House.


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