Another fun phenology Monday! We got a lot done this morning. The time it takes to get phenology finished has decreased as we have all gotten more efficient and many of the Echinacea are done flowering. Ashley and Gretel did p2, Wes did the Nessman/Aanenson route, Anna and Alex took Staffanson, and Will and I took the Around Landfill route. I was excited because my route today includes my favorite plant. It’s in the northwest corner of East Elk Lake Road.

One of the heads on my favorite plant. First day flowering at East Elk Lake Road.

After finishing up phenology Will and I GPSed plants at the rest of the phenology remnant sites. As of now, all plants in the phenology dataset should have a matching location! We had a couple extra minutes before lunch, so we ventured into an island within a corn field near Stevens Approach. We found a lot of cool plants there, including some swamp milkweed.

Swamp milkweed, a very beautiful milkweed.

After lunch we headed out to do flowering demography at Loefflers Corner West. I liked being at a new site and seeing some new plants there.

Anna, Will, and Gretel flagging and entering data on flowering plants at Loefflers Corner West.

See you tomorrow, flog!


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