Last Day :(

Sadly today was my last day. We started off the day by moving the goats, which was really fun. Then we keeping going on rechecks in P1, and ending the day with cutting big blue stem.

I had a wonderful summer and I wouldn’t change it at all! I have always said my dream job is where I could wear rain boats and fun hats and in thing job I could. I am so thankful for all the people I met and all the experiences I got to have.

I don’t know what I will miss more, the people or my cone?


I love Montana! My mom and I decided to take a trip out to Montana to visit colleges. We arrived in Bozeman, Montana on Friday. Since Friday we have done tons of hiking, visited Yellowstone and took a tour of Montana State University. Yellowstone had lots of people and it took us about 5 hours to drive only 30 miles! In Yellowstone we saw the grand canyon and some geysers. Today we had a campus tour and I fell in love with Montana State University and later today we are going on a cave tour.

I have done a lot of hiking in my life but this hike was by far my favorite! My mom and I woke up at 5 am to get to Hyalite Trail by 7. We hiked for about 7 miles and it was gorgeous!

P2 Phun!

Unfortunately today started off raining. Some of us went to WCA to work on our indented project and some stayed at Hjelm. My project is the aphid exclusion and addition project but unfortunately we can’t find any aphids in P1 yet so my project is on halt until we find some aphids.

After the rain cleared up, 3 of use went to P2 to do some phenology, or should I say phonology.

Holiday Weekend!

On Saturday we celebrated the 4th of July! This weekend was filled with fireworks, food, family and the lake. The team got together on Saturday and had a big slip and slide, bonfire and ate lots of food. My family was in town this weekend so I couldn’t participate in the teams get together. But my weekend was still fun!

For my individual project I chose the aphid exclusion project. I will be studying how aphids effect echinacea plants and I’ll measure that by comparing leaf color and leaf length from non aphid echinacea and echinacea that have aphids.

Demo Flog- Anna Allen

Today was a demo day! Demo day is where you collect data from flowering Echinacea. During demo day I went to the Landfill site and found all the flowering plants. When I found the plants I collected how many heads there were, and tagged all of them. After I collected data I changed out the color of the flags so others would know I was there.

Here is a picture of an Echinacea plant that is flowering!

In this picture Emma is holding a turtle that was crossing the road and she decided to help it out. But when she was moving it, the turtle started peeing all over. Luckily it wasn’t on her.

Anna Allen

Echinacea Project 2020

Student, Alexandria Area High School ’21 , Alexandria Technical and Community College ’21

Research Interests

I am interested in studying how human interaction can effect plants and wildlife. I also am interested in learning all about the plants and the animals that live in the prairies too. I love learning!


I am from Alexandria, Minnesota. In my spare time I like to go on adventures, hangout with friends and family and play music. I play the harp and percussion!! Some of the things I love in life are: the mountains, marching band, music, sleeping, plants, fun hats, flannels and dancing. 

When I graduate high school I plan to move out to the mountains and go to school either at Colorado State or Montana State. I want to major in math and environmental studies, and then go into environmental law. I am so excited to work with everyone this summer and to be able to learn!