Anna Allen

Echinacea Project 2020

Student, Alexandria Area High School ’21 , Alexandria Technical and Community College ’21

Research Interests

I am interested in studying how human interaction can effect plants and wildlife. I also am interested in learning all about the plants and the animals that live in the prairies too. I love learning!


I am from Alexandria, Minnesota. In my spare time I like to go on adventures, hangout with friends and family and play music. I play the harp and percussion!! Some of the things I love in life are: the mountains, marching band, music, sleeping, plants, fun hats, flannels and dancing. 

When I graduate high school I plan to move out to the mountains and go to school either at Colorado State or Montana State. I want to major in math and environmental studies, and then go into environmental law. I am so excited to work with everyone this summer and to be able to learn!



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