Palm sweat pilot

You’re grasping a vintage palm pilot,

When a Hoverfly lands! And while it

Licks salt and tastes ya

Record echinacea 

With palm sweat, palm tears, palm pilot

Wheel of Good Fortune

Ritualistic randomizer

A machine of the organizer

Shake up the pairing

Instead of despairing

Stale routine? Revitalize her!

Hall of Flowers


Scraped off of bees

But who did it come from?

Saving flowers to check which one 



Vials full of 

Orange, purples, yellows

Bottles glowing in a sunbeam 


The title of this/Post is a haiku and so/Here are a few more

Watching the weather-

Is this sprinkle the start of

A massive downpour?

The weather channel

Does not know the answer yet

I am a bit damp

Lilies wet with rain

Look yummy enough to eat

Not allowed to taste

What is that weird shape

In the prairie over there

GPS monster

Waiting to deploy

Tents for bees because

We could be lightninged

Golden hour all day

Above 100 AQI

Orange level alert

How do you manage to stay alive

During a field season, unhurt?

First of all expect

To be somewhat Crabby and Tired.

Your body is being wrecked 

Because Canada is on fire!

The first thing is clear-

Drink so much more water!

Not coffee, juice, or root beer

Your hydration must not falter!

Driving around from site to site

Use the Air Recirculation button!

Windows open? That’s not right-

Keep the smoke out and cleaner air shut in.

Echinacea! licorice, ginger, peppermint, 

Supports the respiratory system.

Make tea and inhale the steam for a minute

To relax and help out your alveolar ecosystem!

Drink water

Slow start this morning drinking water as we waited for rain to pass so we could continue shooting ENRTF GPS points (we forgot it’s raincoat). After lunch we continued with more of the same work and saw some Heliopsis helianthoides conspiring with bees.

Hi milkweed, bye Alex, what’s an emergence trap?

On a hill planting milkweed

We know each plant’s mother.

From every milkweed seed,

Distinct one from one another.


Chocolate cake and thin mints

For Alex’s last day!

We’ll try to follow in her footprints

And maybe make her stay.


Experiments in efficiency-

Catching bugs the best way

Practice until proficiency

How do you catch bugs and make them stay…?


Emergence traps! are tents for bugs

That they can not get out of

So we can see each fuzzy mug

And identify and count them up all up so we know which ones appreciate a post fire environment and which ones do not.

Janice Anderson

Pollinator Team, Echinacea Project 2023

B.S. Environmental Studies, Portland State University, 2023

Pronouns: she/they

Research Interests

I would like to focus my career on fuels reduction, prescribed fire in the west, and fire ecology, possibly doing more biological survey in post burn areas. I have experience in fuels reduction, wildland firefighting, trails, arborism, ecological restoration, and organic farming. 


I am from Portland, Oregon and grew up right outside the city in Beaverton. I have worked all over the Pacific Northwest from Washington to California as well as coastal Maine. 

In my spare time I like to read, garden, go camping, and do crafts like carving, crocheting, mending, and weaving.