Final Data

Hey Everyone! Here is my final conglomerated data (mine, Andrew’s and Katie’s). As well as my excel file with all the extra information. I will also be posting it in my dropbox as well.

Kory Kolis Final Data.csv

Poll_Efficiancy_Data Kory Kolis 2013.xlsx

Thursday, August 29th

Today was a very productive day! In the morning Ilse did phenology, and came back with great news! There are only seven heads left; flowering is almost done! Lydia worked on her aphid experiment and I worked on my poster. Around 10 am Ilse and I went to SPP and worked on the Demography project.

In the afternoon Lydia (one again) worked on her aphid project, and Ilse and I payed a visit to Hegg lake to do Demography on the recruitment sights. Overall a very productive day for Team Echinacea.

On a side note, this little blue gem just started flowering!

Tuesday – 20th of August

hello everyone!

Its that time of year again, the time for school to begin. Today was a sad – Stuart, Gretel, Per, and Hattie are heading back to Chicago so they can get settled down before school begins. Today I also realized that this is my second to last week with Team Echinacea! WHERE HAS THIS SUMMER GONE!?!?!?!?

In other non-revelational new, Sarah and I mapped Hegg Lake for my experiment, and finished mapping all of her fragments. Ilse and Lydia started repainting all the QGen heads, so that no data is lost (Lydia went above and beyond the call of duty and painted every bract on all of her echinacea heads).

In the afternoon we stapled all the positions that have remained unfound by Team Echinacea members since 2010 (sad). As well as beginning the common garden re-finds.

For simple ascetics here is a picture of Bee’s Balm from Hegg Lake.


Hope everyone has a nice week!

Sunday August 11th

Hey everyone!

Sunday was a very relaxing day. In the morning most of the team worked on phonology, which is winding down.

My parents came up on saturday to visit. I took them out to see some of the larger prairie fragments such as Hegg Lake. On sunday we had a brunch at Traveler’s Inn, and went for a walk in the Runestone Park.

Here is a E. angustifolia that is almost done flowering.


August 8th

Hello everyone!

Today was a productive and fun day up here at Kensington! This morning we had project work time. I finished collecting my data this past monday so I spent the time analyzing and organizing my data (I post it soon!) Marie worked on her poster, and Dayvis identified his bees. Sarah B went to her remnants today, and Sara Z visited her E. angustifolia to work on her ant research. Ilse and Lydia did crosses for the Qgen project. The afternoon was filled with crossing and seedling re-finds.

This week team echinacea has learned the true meaning of R.A.A.D.!

marie -jpg
(Marie and the thistle who loved her)

(walking around at Hegg Lake)


(Marie almost eating dogbane)

Thats all from me today! Stay R.A.A.D. everyone!

Thursday, August 1st

Hello Everyone!

Today was a very nice day today. There were clear skies, it was sunny, there was just enough wind to keep the mosquitos at bay, but no pollinators. Up at Hegg Lake the wild Monarda have started blooming in force, along with the swamp milk weed (which is shown below).


In the morning Sara and Sarah went out to work on their individual projects, while Lydia, Marie, Gretel, Ilse, Per and Hattie worked on phenology.

In the afternoon Gretel, Lydia and Ilse worked on the QGen- which meant continuing the pollenating that has been going on since flowering began. Myself, Sarah, Sara, and Marie started and finished measuring the echinacea in the INB2 garden! Woot!

Saturday – July 27

Hello everyone!

The cold spell that we have been under is still hanging around. Which for me means I can sleep in for once on the weekends; on the flip side the pollinators will not be out, and no data can be collected.


Here is a picture of a pollinator that I saw, unfortunately I did not see her today… On the bright side tomorrow is predicted to be sunny and not windy! I am hoping for a bumper day tomorrow!

May the pollinators be every plentiful,

July 23- Tuesday

Hey everyone!

Today was a very beautiful day, sunny and high in the mid 70’s. I am loving these cooler temps, however the cool weather makes it hard to guess when the pollinators will be out and buzzing. I did have an interesting visitor on one of my heads though, I would not have guessed to see a bumblebee visit. Dayvis (who is on the other side of Hegg Lake) also saw one too! Strange times we are living in, strange times.

Sarah B is still working on her phonology project and Sara Z has been working hard on her project regarding ants! MIke, Reina, and Marie worked on their projects for most of today as well. Later in the afternoon some people went out to collect pollen for the crossing experiment and even got in a few crosses!

Sunday – July 7th

Hello Everyone!

It was calm sunday here. However some people did end up doing research, such as Davis, Marie, and Sarah B. Reina and I went to Hegg Lake just to get outside and walk around the prairie. The Flax are blooming making it very beautiful.


On our way back to the car we even saw a almost blooming Echinacea!


Now that the echinacea will be blooming things are going to get a wee bit busy here!


July 2nd

Hello everyone!

Today Team Echinacea was extremely productive in all of our endeavors. In the morning the team continued the search for Stipa (a.k.a. porcupine grass) that was planted in the common garden. After about a hour we switched gears and looked for flowering echinacea plants in the common garden in preparation for the crossing experiment this summer. Reina and Pam continued collecting data on photosynthetic rate and even finished a portion of their data set! Huzzah!

After lunch we had time to work on our individual projects! Ilse continued her work on “R”, Sarah B got a solid amount of data entry done, and worked on her data sheets. Marie, Dayvis and Sara Z went to Hegg Lake to look at hybrids and Echinacea pallida respectively. Gretel and I made pollinator exclusion bags for my project, as well as the crossing experiment. Here is Gretel cutting the bridal veil!


And me sewing the bags together! I got to work on a awesome old singer sewing machine (the best part is that it folds into a desk!).


Thats all from me today! -Kory