Police do phenology?

We started out the morning doing phenology out in the remnants. For the first time this year, we got done in record time and finished before lunch!

During lunch we had an update from Alex about her independent project and Lea practiced her talk for ESA. They were both fantastic!

After lunch the team scattered to work on different projects.

A group of us went out to Hegg Lake to do phenology in experimental plots 7 and 9 and to shoot survey points for the Echinacea pallida we decapitated.

While there, we had a bit of a run-in with the police, perhaps about the Echinacea beheadings…

The Elk Lake house hosted the team social for this week in the evening. We had taco bowls, featuring quick-pickled red onion and homemade hot sauce. Delicious!

We also had live entertainment in the form of poetry. Amy brought a book called “Joyful Noise”, which features poems about different insects designed to be read by two people. Everyone paired up and read a poem. The poems were great and they squeezed in a lot of natural history – the best form of entertainment for ecologists.


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