Busy Thursday

Hi flogland,

Here are a few things that happened today:

  • A steady trickle of plants on their first day of flowering continues to roll in. Very exciting!
Anna M took this beautiful picture of an Echinacea head on its second day of flowering at Loeffler’s Corner
  • Erin E finished surveying all of the sites where I will be doing my crossing experiment, which looks at the effects of outcrossing distance and inter-parent asynchrony on offspring fitness!
  • A team completed a first round of twist-tying flowering plants at p2.
  • The team got trained in on Stipa searching.
  • I looked for flowering plants at East Elk Lake Road and encountered the plant tagged 18136, which is precious to us because we have been tracking it since it was a baby seedling. It might flower this year, but the bud is so little it is hard to tell!
Just a little bud!
  • My department at UMN had a forum about experiences of racism in our community, following several weeks of dialogue. My peers shared powerful statements, and I am hopeful that this will lead to positive change. Black Lives Matter. Read more about the perspectives we expressed in the open letter we wrote to faculty before the meeting.
Self-awareness is key!




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