Checking on flowering in P2

Hello Flog!

On Monday we were tasked with estimating the number of flowering plants in P2, one of the experimental plots. We set off to P2 and decided to count 1/3 of the plot. In P2 there are 80 rows of Echinacea plants and we decided to count every third row to get an estimate. Overall we did not find many flowering plants, only 70 flowering plants with a total of 89 heads. None of the plants were very far along in flowering and we will likely have some time before we have to start doing phenology. 

The ever spectacular P2 view

Some of the non Echinacea native prairie plants like lead plant, little bluestem, veiny pea, prairie rose, and hoary puccoon. We also saw some invasive brome and alfalfa. 

Hoary puccoon
A bird’s nest found along the south end of the plot

Bur bye

Mia and Anna A.


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