Flagging Echinacea around Golf Course and Landfill

Hi flog!

After lunch on June 15th, Amy and I headed out to visit the remnants around Golf Course and Landfill. We flagged flowering plants to get a sense of how many will flower later in the season.

The number of flagged Echinacea averaged around five flowering Echinacea per remnant. We did not visit Landfill, which has a much higher number of flowering plants.

A view of the flags fluttering in the wind.

One of the sites we visited had been recently mowed at the edge of the road, cutting off leaves and possibly flowering heads.

One of the plants that got mowed – you can see where the leaves got cut.

After a windy and hot afternoon of flagging we headed back to Hjelm House to pack up and head home. More flagging to come!


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