Cycle of Life at the Echinacea Project

With about a month left for many of the participants on the Echinacea Team, the flowers keep on flowering, the weeds keep on growing and seed collecting ramps up for many of the prairie species. And for the animals on the Echinacea Team: Shea soon starts her senior year of HS; Riley, Drake and Erin make arrangements to move to Chicago; Julie and Jay begin their senior year of college; and John prepares for his 31st year of teaching. And Amy continues her research on bees with the University of Minnesota, spending much of her time on the praire in midwest Minnesota.

Stuart looks for seeds in Douglas County to be collected for Drake as the a cumulonimbus cloud begins to build behind him.
Amy W (pictured left – Echin Team Member 2015-2019) wins her 4th consecutive Flekkefest 5K. Amy pictured here with Echin Team Member Alum Abby VK (2015 -2016) and the previous two time winner of Flekke 5K. The Echinacea Project Women have created a dynasty of 5K winners.

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