Flekkefest Saturday

Happy Saturday, flognation! This weekend is Flekkefest, the highly-anticipated summer festival in Elbow Lake. For the past few years, members of Team Echinacea have attended the Flekkefest festivities. It is always a highlight of the season. While Julie, Drake, and Erin went to Hegg Lake to complete the remaining pulse-steady crosses, I headed to Elbow Lake for the Flekke5k. John organizes the 5k every year and the proceeds support the impressive WCA cross country team. Each year that I’ve done the race my pace has slowed down, but I managed to come away with another troll-phy! Whew. True to theme, John sported excellent troll hair. Later, the crew plans for fireworks and other Flekkefest fun. Catch ya on the flip side!

Julie spotted this hungry caterpillar in P2 during pulse-steady crosses
Huge honor to receive a troll-phy from the head Troll himself, John Van Kempen

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