Denison Campus of Echinacea U.

Dear All,

This is Andy McCall, I am studying pollination and herbivory with Stuart and Ruth and am based, this summer, at Denison University, where I teach.

You may remember me through my witty or witless posts last year on this flog; it has been a long time since I have posted anything, but…

Together with Colin Venner (on the crew last year) and Monique Brown, both of Denison, I have cobbled together a few small videos of pollinators we observed last year. We have over 800h of video to watch and we are more than halfway done!

Anyway, I am going to try and post a few videos of known pollinators and a few unknowns — I would love it if anyone might be able to identify the unknown bee — we have several, but it is hard sometimes to see characteristics on the video.

I hope the flowering commences soon!

yours, Andy


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  • Stephanie Lyon

    Hi Andy, we’ve never met, but I was excited to hear that you and Stuart were video taping bees last year! I’m always up for an ID challenge, so post away. Though the field crews of the last couple years probably know as much as I do …

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