Done By Yours Truly

While working with the Echinacea Project since spring, I have surprisingly only ever cleaned one or two Echinacea heads. I have done a lot of cleaning and randomizing with Liatris aspera as well as rechecking, scanning, and randomizing for Echinacea angustifolia. But here is one of those rare heads cleaned by me! It has been cleaned, rechecked, and now scanned by yours truly. Sadly there were no achenes found in this one.

Rainy Garden Days

It’s rainy season! The past few days we have been getting a good amount of rain. Walking into the garden, it felt like I had woken up at the crack of dawn or was getting in late in the afternoon. While the rain makes me a little drowsy, it makes all the plants very happy. Here are some of those happy plants!

Total Demo Morning Memo

It’s an exciting time to be a demographer with the Echinacea Project… We are 69.3% done with total demo! We’ll start today with a team effort to knock out Landfill, which is one of our last big sites! Stay tuned to see how much progress we make!

Palm sweat pilot

You’re grasping a vintage palm pilot,

When a Hoverfly lands! And while it

Licks salt and tastes ya

Record echinacea 

With palm sweat, palm tears, palm pilot

It’s a Great Day to be Halfway Done with Total Demo!

We made excellent progress with total demo this week! Just check out our total demo-meter! It’s filling up quickly! Hooray and happy Friday to all!

P1 Measuring – Day 9!

For more details on the momentous victory that occurred this morning in P1, please refer to Abby’s previous flog post. However, I thought I would add one final graph to the flog for satisfaction purposes. We finished measuring P1 early relative to the past two years. Last year, the team finished measuring P1 on August 24th, and Wyatt went back into the records from 2021 and determined we finished measuring P1 on August 21st last year. Shoutout to the crew this year that finished measuring 10,992 positions in record time!

Extra Extra Read All About It- P1 Done!

This Just in- After a lengthy stint of measuring in P1, Team Echinacea finally completed all rows on the morning of Tuesday, August 8th. Hoots and hollers rang out near Tower Rd. at approximately 11:30 am.
“I’m happy to be done,” said Janice Anderson, member of Team Echinacea. “We don’t need to drag on it too much, but I’m ready to put it behind me and move on with my life. I wish P1 the best,” they added. Luke Settles agrees. “Where some see an end, I see a beginning.”

Wyatt Mosiman, who made a valiant effort in measuring and contributed much speed and determination to the project, echoes the general excitement of finishing. However when asked to comment, her only remarks were “Ouch, my knee”.

Team Echinacea would like to thank some P1 regulars that aided in the process, such as the giant field spider, the giant katydid with “face hands” and the tiny frog that found a home on Mosiman’s hat.

Abby Widell, another member of Team Echinacea is excited to be done, but maintains a solemn understanding that there is still work to be done. “We’ll see you soon, P1”.

P1 Measuring – Day 8!

So close! The team is 91% done measuring P1!

Introducing Total Demo-meter

Friday was our first true day of total demo! After thorough instruction and review, Team Echinacea was off to the races as we PGORY’d our way through our first few sites! Already 6.9% done!

P1 Measuring – Day 7!

Today, Ruth and Amy joined us to measure Amy’s Annex! We are now 81% done measuring P1, so close!