Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day, flog readers! The team had the day off today, but that didn’t stop Leah, Scott, and I from doing a little fieldwork this morning. Leah and Scott caught pollinators and worked on Leah’s co-flowering study while I painted and bagged heads at Around Landfill in preparation for crossing tomorrow as part of the compatibility experiment.

We honored the holiday this evening in Alexandria, the so-called birthplace of America. After eating a traditional American meal of Chinese buffet food, we went to a concert on the lawn of the Douglas County courthouse. Here we heard many patriotic tunes such as “America the Beautiful” and “God Bless America.” We took the scenic route back to Kensington and admired the clouds the entire way. Finally, we stopped at the Kensington Runestone Park to visit the true birthplace of America, where a┬áViking expedition left a runestone all the way back in 1363. ┬áThe runestone doesn’t say what date it was engraved so it’s tough to say whether July 4th is actually America’s birthday, but that would be quite a coincidence. Either way today was a great day!

"Everything is awesome! The clouds are so cool!"

“Everything is awesome! The clouds are so cool!”- at the birthplace of America



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